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 Pop Princess [userpic]
by Pop Princess (sugacandylips)
at August 21st, 2005 (06:01 pm)

I think Noah has a Xanga too...



Posted by: 0shaybella0 (0shaybella0)
Posted at: August 23rd, 2005 09:44 pm (UTC)

thats actually VERY convincing. but its a fake. whoever is doing it just plucked noah's life as it was in 2001, and tried to update it as if it would be in 2005. They bring up his girlfriend from 4 years ago, as well as other things from around 4 years ago. what do ya know...4 years ago is the last time we ever saw noah doing something worth watching. in almost every entry, they mention "well, this happend almost 4 years ago" or "about 4 years ago at this time", and stuff like that. its total BS. whoever is doing that journal is obviously stuck in the past, as a fan would be. its pretty sad, since its obvious that a FAN is the one whos going around posing as someone they've been a fan of for "about 4 years". all of the stuff mentioned in that journal can be found on old noah fan sites. the girlfriend, the family stuff, the talking about 2gether without actually mentioning the words "2gether".

Another thing that really stood out to me...in one of the entrys he mentions being able to see his nephew Elijah. Any good fan would know that Elijah was the cute little baby that was in some pictures with Noah back when noahsmom.com was still around. they say he's around 6 now, blah blah blah. but what most people dont know, is that noahs brother or sister (i forget which) has had two more children since Elijah, and if it were the real Noah he'd stop only bringing up people that were mentioned "4 years ago" and start mentioning new additions in his life other than what we have already known about for "4 years". Nothing in that journal is new. They take the same people and same circumstances from 4 years ago. Another thing...he refers to Ecan as a "friend". Evan hasn't talked to Noah in...(you guessed it) about 4 years. If you havent heard from them in years, I'm sorry, but they are NOT your friends. According to that journal, Noah is in the same place and same state that he was in 4 years ago. I just don't buy it.

Haha I feel like a detective or something. Sorry, but I've been a huge fan for years, and after "about 4 years" you begin to get a hang on this stuff and find it simple to pick out the fact from the fiction. I've seen dozens and dozens of Noah fakes (out of all the 2g guys, somehow Noah has been a fan favorite to fake as!) and I know whats real and whats not.

On a lighter note, the REAL Alex does have a myspace, if it's any consolation :)

Posted by: Queen of Queens (deadgirlinc)
Posted at: October 6th, 2005 08:15 pm (UTC)

http://profile.myspace.com/8735115 That it?

Posted by: * (crystalsparkles)
Posted at: August 27th, 2005 01:42 pm (UTC)

I agree with you and..

Name: Noah
Country: United States
Birthday: 8/24/1979
Gender: Male

He doesn't know his own birthday!!

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